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Library genesis is a new file-sharing-based peer-to-peer file sharing website for academic, scientific, and general interest electronic books, music, video, movies, and computer software. The website allows free unlimited access to previously pay-walled content or otherwise not digitized anywhere else. This means that one can look up an obscure file from the Library of Congress and use it for research without spending any money at all. It also means that one can share any of the contents with anyone across the globe. With over two million files available, library genesis is arguably the biggest online archive of digital content.

When one downloads free ebooks from library genesis, he or she will get all of the information that the file says it contains. There are descriptions of the ebooks, authors, and other topics. One can also download supplementary information that may be helpful in further studies of a particular subject. The most common subjects covered include mathematics, history, English literature, science, technology, and the Internet. This growing archive of free ebooks has made reading online more accessible than ever.

genesis library allows customers to access its collection through a central interface, using a password system to protect personal information. This is unlike other book vendors, who often require user registration. The library version is designed for ease of use, and thus many people use it as an alternative to eBook Promotion Sites like KoboBooks or JBooks. The library version's ability to track and categorize downloads makes it a superior choice for people interested in electronic reference materials.

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