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Type MVF024 Features Integrated system of optics, gear and transverse MHN-LA 2000W lamp in a single housing, ensuring high beam efficiency and a well-controlled beam. It is also excellent with SON-T or HPI-T 1000W lamps Built-in skirt in reflector assembly minimizes spill light and glare Suitable as standard for down lighting in two beam widths: medium beam (MB) and wide beam (WB) Housing dustproof and jetproof to IP55: no internal cleaning required Protractor scale and simple aiming device for pre-aiming High-efficiency, compact light source (MHN-LA 2000W/842, 220,000 lm, MHN-LA 2000W/956 190,000lm) with low weight and small wind area, allows more light per unit area of mast headframe, or smaller frames and masts, as well as low electrical loads With the MHN-LA 2000W/842 lamp, the pleasing and natural colour rendering (Ra = 80) and the comfortable atmosphere (Tc = 4200K) are well suited to TV and filming With the MHN-LA 2000W/956 lamp,t he highest international CTV requirements (Ra = 90,Tc = 5600K) are met Safety switch to cut off current when luminaire is opened (2000W versions): requires additional contactor - supplied by others Wire mesh protection (2000W versions) against large pieces of glass falling out in the event of glass breakage With 2000W models, a series ignitor mounted in the aluminium connection box on the mounting bracket, is supplied as standard Light source HID: 1 x MASTER MHN-LA / XWH / 1000 W 1 x SON-T / E40 / 1000 W 1 x HPI-T / E40 / 1000 W Lamp included No Optic Wide beam (WB) Medium beam (MB) Ignitor Series (SI), integral Semi-parallel (SP), external on a separate gear tray Options Connection box (H) with 1000W lamp versions for higher ambient temperatures of indoor applications Materials and finishing Non-corrosive, high-pressure die-casted aluminium housing and hinged rear cover Anodized and brightened 99.8% aluminium reflector Chemically toughened 1.6 mm-thick glass protected by stainless -steel wire mesh for the 2000W versions Thermally hardened 4mm-thick glass for the 1000W versions Hot-dipped galvanized steel mounting bracket Installation Light weight and compact, easy to carry,mount, aim, connect and re-lamp (through the hinged rear cover without disturbing the aiming of the floodlight) Mounting bracket adjustment of 360° MVF024 can be aimed using the simple aiming accessory supplied with each floodlight which can be used on either side of the floodlight Ample vertical and horizontal adjustment to allow closely grouped arrays Maximum ambient temperature: 35 °C outdoor and indoor for 1000W lamps with external connection box Protected area under 65°= 0.30 m2 Drag factor Cx = 1.08 Classifications IP55 IP44 ignitor box Class I Complies with IEC 60598 Main applications Car parks, architectural floodlighting, sports facilities, industrial areas

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